Welcome To The Good Fairy Store


The Good Fairy Store is a Spiritual & Personal Development Store, located in Newcastle West, Co Limerick.  The Good Fairy Store was opened in July 2007 by Fiona GoodFairy who being motivated by her own spiritual experiences with Angels and  changes in awareness, set out to create a retail shop stocking a wide variety of "tools" to help others develop their own awareness of their Spirituality and to help to create positive changes within their own personal development.


As well as stocking Angels, Fairies, Crystals, Angel Cards, Tarot, Personal Development Books, CD's & DVD's, The Good Fairy also has a beautfiul treatment room providing various therapies.


* Spiritual Mediumship Readings - Fiona does travel to various locations around the country to read, so please telephone to enquire

* Angel Card Readings

* Tarot Card Readings

* Reiki Therapy

* Integrated Energy Therapy

* Meditation Mentoring

* Stress Management Consultations

* Aura Photography - every two months - dates to be announced on Events Page

* Aura Soma. - twice yearly - dates to be announced on Events Page

* Platinum Detox Sessions


* Healing Through Spirit Evenings * - Fiona GoodFaiy & Gerry Browne (Ait An Turas Healing Centre) www.aitanturas.ie together present an Evening of Mediumship - relaying messages from the Spirit World to an audience.  These evenings are held in various locations around Ireland Details

can be found on the events page.  


Fiona also runs various training programmes throughout each year - dates will be launched on the Events Page, they include:


Reiki Initiations level 1 / 2 & Reiki Masters


Angel Workshops I, II & Advanced


Psychic & Mediumship Development


Meditation Workshops


Stress Management Skills Workshops


Assertiveness Training



We also from time to time hold Crystal Exhibitions, Crystals from all over the world on display for you to see, try or buy with a range of exquisite Crystal Jewellery.


If you would like to be notified of any upcoming events or to be notified when Fiona is visiting your area to do readings, please email us at info@thegoodfairystore.ie and we can keep a record of your email address - please do mention which area that you are in.  


Please note that any enquiry will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

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